Free flow Exhaust

Our technicians advise on how your system should be laid out to ensure the minimum of restriction. Minimal pipe bends and our range of perforated tube silencers and back boxes increase flow and give a great sound. Increased flow can give other benefits, including increases in both BHP and MPG.


As you will see in our showroom, we have an extensive range of back boxes and tail pipes. When you have a fitting, one of our team will go through exactly what you want and advise you on anything you might need to make the system more efficient.

Custom Fitting

We use the most efficient equipment to create your bespoke system. A bad bend can restrict or disrupt the flow of gases, a bad weld will cause leaks, so we make sure our technicians have what they need to give you the best possible result.


Performance back boxes will change the sound of your car. When you have your consultation, you will be given a choice of how the system will sound as well as how loud it will be. Rest assured, every exhaust that leaves us is road legal and an MOT pass.

Lifetime Warranty

Quality stainless steel combined with expert welding and fitting will produce a system that lasts. In the unlikely event of a problem, we will book you in and take care of it.